Superior Results – Instantly!

Wolken Family Dental proudly offers the Zoom® laser teeth whitening treatment.  Zoom is a proven effective teeth whitening system, safe for patients of all ages.  Teeth gradually become stained or yellowed due to certain foods, habits, and medications.  A brightened, revitalized smile can be yours in a matter of a few hours!  If you have a short timeline for accomplishing your teeth-whitening goals (like preparing for an upcoming event) you may not have the time to invest in the 7-10 day process of custom bleaching trays.  Zoom offers superior whitening capabilities much faster than other systems.  The treatment is performed in-office and typically takes around 2 hours.

Every patient has different needs and tooth-whitening goals.  The number of visits required depends on the patient and the desired result.  The majority of our patients experience a significant result in just one appointment, but some require an additional treatment depending on the outcome desired.  The duration of the results depends on the patient.  Individuals with staining habits (coffee, tobacco) will not be able to maintain the results for as long as those who avoid staining foods and practices.

Flash Your Pearly Whites

Teeth whitening is good for patients of all ages, who have realistic expectations about the results.  Zoom can significantly brighten your smile, but ultimately results are determined by the thickness of enamel, degree of staining and patient habits.  Regardless of the bleaching system used, the results and duration are dependent upon several different factors.  In general, patients with thinner enamel or deep stains will not achieve the same results as those with thicker enamel.