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Patient Office Visit Information

We Welcome You

Welcome to the family — we can’t wait to meet you! You can expect a premium experience from start to finish and trust that your appointment will start on time.

Your first appointment includes a comprehensive review of your dental health, a review of your health history, and an exam. Depending on the reason for your visit, it may also include a dental cleaning with one of our exceptional hygienists.

We would like you to know that we are doing everything we can to make this visit safe for the patient and team members at Wolken Dental. In an effort to do that, it is very important to read our new protocols for your visit. Our team should have already reached out to you if you have an upcoming visit and explained…

  1. If you have traveled within or outside of the United States by air, bus or train, we will need to postpone your appointment for 14 days after travel.
  2. Unless previously given permission by our office, do not bring companions or children to your visit, in an effort to limit the volume of people in our office. 
  3. When you arrive at our office, stay in your car and text 314-492-8165. We will respond to your text, telling you to come up when appropriate. We request you wear a mask into our office and wear it again as you leave the office.
  4. When you arrive in our office, we will immediately be taking your temperature. If your temperature is above 99.5, we will be rescheduling you to a future date. (Please take your temperature at home before coming as well so we can save you a visit if it’s not within range.) Once your temperature is taken, you will be escorted to a sink station, where you will wash your hands and rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution for 20 seconds. 
  5. We will bring you into your room for your hygiene visit or visit with the dentist. 
  6. If possible, we encourage making payments over the phone just prior to your appointment.


  • Companions unless Parent of Child
  • Coats, Purses, Handbags
  • Laptops


  • Photo ID/Payment Cards
  • Mobile Phone
  • List of current medications
  • Current dental insurance card, if applicable



Important Updated Patient Forms

ALL Patients Will Need Updated Forms

Instead of filling out forms in the office, we have electronic versions of all our required forms that you can fill out prior to your visit. We hope this will make it much easier and safer for us all.

ALL patients will need to complete some updates to the records and answer a special short questionnaire the day of their appointment for our COVID records. We appreciate your help as we shift into a new way of doing things.

NEW PATIENTS: Please complete forms 1 through 6

EXISTING PATIENTS: Please complete forms 1 and 2 and if you need to update any contact info please also do form 3

ALL PATIENTS: On the day of your appointment complete the New Supplemental Health Questionnaire

VERY IMPORTANT!  Please opt into receiving emails and texts on the Patient Info form so we can update you with any changes to our policies as the directives can change quickly.


Coming to us from another dentist?

Please request that your records be transferred to:

Wolken Family Dental
8888 Ladue Road, Suite 200
Saint Louis, MO 63124

Records Release Form To Wolken

Records Release Form From Wolken