Discover Your Perfect Smile

Wolken Family Dental wants to give you the smile of your dreams! Our caring team of experts individually customize all dental restorations, and ensure maximum comfort of our patients during the procedure. We commonly perform dental restorations when we locate a cavity or decay, either from an old restoration or from a source of new decay. Restorations are beneficial for removing defective and weak structures, and strengthening them to prevent any further decay. If we detect a crack in a tooth, we recommend restoration in order to prevent structural weakness and catastrophic break. Our team works diligently to prevent advancement of the crack, which can sometimes result in the need to remove a tooth. Dental restorations enhance the beauty your teeth, and reestablish the integrity in order to maintain optimal oral health. In some cases, either due to decay or developmental issues, the appearance of a tooth can create esthetic issues for patients. Some restorations, such as veneers, may be an option to cover unsightly areas and provide the patient with a beautiful, natural smile.

Customized Solutions for All Your Dental Needs

Wolken Family Dental proudly offers Cerec restorations. The advanced technology of the Cerec system allows for greater control and accuracy during the process of fabricating porcelain restorations for patients. The traditional way involved taking models with impressions that had to be sent to a laboratory for restoration construction. Cerec technology enables the dentist to easily perform a digital scan of the mouth with a camera. This innovative technology allows a beautiful porcelain restoration to be fabricated and delivered in a single appointment. Cerec technology is fully integrated with our cone beam technology, allowing us to plan our implant surgeries virtually. This ensures the implants are safely placed in a position to maximize the esthetics of the final restoration. Our Cerec restorations typically take an hour and a half and are performed in our office. A beautiful smile with no messy impressions, no second visits, no injections and no uncomfortable temporary crowns – restored dental health has never been so attainable!

Restore Your Confidence

Are you wondering what to expect from the restoration experience? Our restoration process is tailored specifically to the needs of each patient. Our caring team ensures maximum comfort during the procedure, and we offer nitrous oxide to help even the most nervous patients manage their anxiety. Once we are confident the patient is comfortable, the tooth structure is prepared for the new restoration. A minimum amount of compromised tooth structure is removed in order to provide proper strength and maximize the esthetics of the final restoration. After the tooth is prepared, a digital scan of the tooth is captured and a digital model is rendered. The crown is designed, milled and placed in an oven for final crystallization. Once the crown is finished, it is evaluated for proper fit and esthetics. When the new crown is verified, the restoration is cemented to fuse the crown to the tooth.

Your restoration is ready to be used the minute you leave the office! The bite may need to be modified slightly if a patient finds any functional issues, but no routine follow-ups are required.

Cerec technology simplifies the restoration process and allows the patient to complete the restoration process in a single visit. Our patients love Cerec and so do we!