Preventative Care

Our Exams Go Beyond Teeth Cleaning

At Wolken Family Dental, we value the benefits of preventative care.  Our preventative care addresses all potential risks a patient may be susceptible to.  Our team goes above and beyond to ensure all of our patients reach and maintain optimal health.  We provide a thorough examination of the mouth, head and neck to address possible short-term and long-term risk factors.  Our primary focus is on oral health in regards to total body health.

Reach Optimal Health Through Preventative Care

During your biannual cleaning and checkup, we discuss preventative measures, changes in your medical history and any medical or dental concerns.  For more complete results, we perform routine radiographs, and a soft tissue examination to evaluate for possible infection or gum disease.  Once we determine your oral health status, we are able to perform a thorough dental cleaning.  Based on your overall oral health, we create an individualized home care plan along with diet recommendations.  Your doctor will complete a careful examination of the gum tissue, teeth and all supporting structures of the jaw including muscles, the airway and the temporomandibular joint.  We also perform oral cancer screenings, as well as comprehensive evaluations of cervical lymph nodes and the thyroid.  At Wolken Family Dental, we help our patients make informed decisions regarding their overall health, and we customize our treatment plans to eliminate possible risks.

Our primary goal is to educate patients about the relationship between oral health and total body health.  We pride ourselves on helping our patients reach and maintain optimal health.  Our team is happy to serve you with comfortable, knowledgeable care that fits your needs.

It's a Family Affair

For generations the Wolken Family has taken great pride in serving St. Louis families.  Drs. Chris and Andy carry on the family tradition of exceptional dental care for all ages.  When you become a patient at Wolken Family Dental, you become family.