Dental Implants

Powerful Results Through Advanced Dental Technology

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a base for replacement teeth. Implants are recommended for a variety of reasons. Some patients choose an implant to replace a single tooth, and some patients utilize implants to support a prosthetic that replaces all of their teeth. No matter the reason, implants are a powerful solution to reaching optimal dental health.

The advantage of a single implant over the next best option, a fixed bridge, is that we can avoid having to modify healthy surrounding teeth and simply replace a missing tooth with a brand new tooth supported by an implant.

When patients experience more advanced bone loss and require removal of many or all of their remaining teeth, implants can serve as a foundation for prosthetics that offer many advantages over traditional removable options such as partials or dentures. Implants anchor prosthetics in place, enhancing the ability to chew food comfortably and provide the ability to reduce the size of the prosthetic needed in the mouth. Implants offer the ability to create prosthetics that appear life-like, with dramatically improved function over traditional dentures.

Reduced Treatment Time

We have the ability to take a cone beam scan and plan a surgery virtually, significantly reducing the treatment time needed to place an implant. Patients may elect for nitrous oxide if anxiety is an issue, but most implants are placed with local anesthetic and completed in approximately 1 hour. We provide guided implant placement to ensure accuracy. Once the implant is placed, a healing cap is inserted over the implant. A healing period of 3-4 months is needed before the patient can return for impressions to restore the implant with a porcelain crown.

Our Dental Implants Function Like a Natural Tooth

Implants offer the ability to replace a single tooth without affecting nearby structures. An implant functions just like a tooth, looks just like a tooth, and patients are able to clean around an implant just as they would a natural tooth. When more teeth need to be replaced, implants give patients the ability to anchor appliances in place so that they can chew, speak and smile with greater confidence while maintaining the bone of the jaw.